You Can Now Track Google’s Project Loon Balloons In Real Time

Remember the really cool initiative by Google which aimed to offer internet connectivity through air-borne balloons? Here are some great news: you can now track the balloons which are part of this project in real time.

Project Loon balloons

The project, called Project Loon, aims to offer internet access in otherwise remote areas. Since establishing the entire internet connectivity infrastructure in remote areas is an expensive affair, Google envisions that using air-borne balloons offering direct internet access can be a far more affordable alternative.

If you are interested in the project, you may also be interested in tracking the movement and location of these balloons in real time. The balloons were released near Timaru, New Zealand and they are expected to continue drifting towards South America. And along their route, they will offer internet connectivity in a huge stretch.

These balloons are meant to last for a full 100 days. And while they are just the start, Project Loon is expected to come up with more durable, long-term balloons which will ultimately establish the project as a very viable method of offering internet connectivity in remote areas.

Being able to track the real-time movement of the balloons will also help users identify the areas where Project Loon is offering connectivity.

Source: Project Loon
Courtesy: TNW

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