Tron Light Cycle, Evolve Xenon, Is Up For Auction

If you watched the Tron legacy and were totally mesmerized by the concept of the oh-so-cool motorcycles. Well, guess what? Such bikes may come into the realm of reality. It goes by the name of Evolve Xenon and is up for auction with an approximate MSRP of $55,000. The bike operates on electric power and features a lithium-ion battery which, when charged, can go 100 miles.

The looks of the bike are literally killing. These are so close to the real deal that you may feel a part of the game from the movie once you drive it. But for now, only one lucky person would be able to have the honor because so far, only one such bike is available and on auction.

The features of Evolve Xenon include 32-inch hubless wheels, a handcrafted fiberglass frame and cool blue lights which are made up of OLEDs. So how is the battery of this futuristic vehicle charged up? This is done by a 40,000 W electric motor which pumps electric juice into the lithium-ion battery and once charged, the bike can cover approximately 100 miles. The top speed that the bike can hit is 100mph.

The bid has already reached $23,000 and is expected to rise rapidly with more than a week still left in the end of auction. Whereas we don’t know yet how convenient it would be to drive this bike, what we do know for sure is that it would be one hell of a ride anyway.
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