WordPress 2.1 For Android Released, Fixes Bugs, Adds New Features

For such Android users who have been using WordPress on their devices, the good news is that the latest version, WordPress 2.1 has finally landed. And not only does this new release take care of a number of bugs in the earlier version, it also beings a lot of new features to WordPress users. These new features are detailed below.

First, WordPress 2.1 takes care of a number of bugs which have been vexing the users of last version. In addition to that, the new version also brings a horde of new features.

The most notable of these features is that you can finally edit comments. Earlier, this option wasn’t available for WordPress for Android users and it could get really annoying at times. Now, with WordPress 2.1, you can edit all the specifics of a comment, such as email, comment text etc. If you have used the web interface of a WordPress site, you would know how easy it is to edit comments at that. Now, the same convenience is available on WordPress for Android.

Another very useful feature is that of Autosave. This feature, as its name suggests, automatically saves your content if you abruptly navigate away from it. For instance, if you are writing a post and right in the middle of it, your cellphone suddenly reboots, you need not worry because your post would’ve been automatically saved through the autosave feature and you can resume it from where you left it.

Also, you can tweak the width of the linked images with WordPress 2.1. All you have to do is go to Settings menu, check the ‘Upload and link to scaled image’ option and then type in your own customized image width.

In all, the new version has hugely improved the experience of using WordPress on an Android device. And it is a great attempt of making the app as easy and great to use as the actual web interface. You can get the latest version of the app from here.

Source: WordPress for Android

Courtesy: CNET

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