More Than 90% Developers Interested In Apple Tablet Apps: Survey Result

The much expectedApple Table is going to be announced today

Appcelerator surveyed about building Apple Tablet applications. More than 90% of developers responding to a recent Appcelerator survey said they were interested in developing tablet apps this year and it rated third behind iPhone and Android in terms of developer enthusiasm. Another important thing to remind you that this survey is done before the thing has even launched. If iPhone developers can easily port their apps to the tablet, as most tech pundits are speculating, it will hit the ground running with an impressive software database.

The much expected Apple Table is going to be announced today

Almost every application developer out there is eager to start developing applications for Apple’s long-rumored Tablet, according to a new survey from Appcelerator. And they are not just game developers.

It will be mistaken if we fully rely on the survey result since it doesn’t represent a comprehensive swath of developers, but rather a portion of those who use a specific set of tools — 554 respondents from the more than 18,000 developers using Appcelerator’s Titanium platform for building web, mobile and desktop apps.

64% said they’ve built a mobile app in the last two years, while 57 percent said they’ve built a desktop application. Still, this is just a another indicator of developer interest in the tablet.

Of the application developers surveyed, more than 90% said they were interested in building at least one app for the tablet in the coming year. When asked whether they were “very interested” in building apps for a platform, 58% of respondents said “yes” when asked about the tablet, placing it behind the iPhone and Google Android, but far ahead of other platforms like BlackBerry, Palm Pre, and Windows Mobile.

Respondents also saw the tablet as a much more business- and productivity-oriented device than the iPhone. They said they’re most interested in creating business and productivity apps, followed in order by entertainment, social networking, and education. Games only came in fifth. Respondents said they’re hoping for a built-in camera that could unlock videoconferencing and video social networking possibilities, while others said there was big potential in education, finance, and medicine.

Overall, if Apple manages to deliver a strong product today, it looks like it shouldn’t have much trouble stirring up the same developer interest that it’s found for the iPhone.

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