You Can Now Buy A Submarine-Powerboat Hybrid For $3.5 Million

If you’ve got cash to burn, you can now make your wildest James Bond fantasy come true. Check out the Hyper Sub, a $3.5 million submersible powerboat. The futuristic craft has been designed by Marion HSPD, and the powerboat-submarine hybrid will finally be heading to the production line. Of course $3.5 million may be a tough price tag to cope with, but you’re getting a rather powerful little toy in exchange.

On the powerboat side, it’s a heavy-duty, 31-ft. surface-cruiser with an enclosed cabin. Powered by twin 440 hp inboard diesels for a total output of 880 hp, the Hyper-Sub has a maximum surface speed of 40 knots and a maximum surface range of 500 miles. In dive mode the Hyper-Sub can plunge up to 250 feet, and offers umbilical SCUBA support.

With seating for up to four passengers plus a pilot, the craft’s 180-degree acrylic canopy provides panoramic undersea views. With an elegant woodgrain interior, leather seating, onboard GPS, auto-pilot and a satellite phone, it’s also a pretty luxurious ride.

Source: Gizmodo.

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