Microsoft Positioning Skype To Replace Xbox Live Voice Chat

Ever since Microsoft acquired Skype, it has tried hard to improve the chat client and vest it deeper into its wider services ecosystem. In fact, according to multiple reports and the hints divulged by Microsoft itself, the company may soon replace Xbox Live chat service with Skype altogether, bringing Skype straight to users’ living rooms.


Skype commands a huge user base. After the service was acquired by Microsoft, a number of concerns were cited from different quarters regarding the integrity of its privacy features. But over time, the software giant has ensured that Skype’s quality stays the same.

A person close to Microsoft’s Skype developments claims that the company is now ‘consolidating all their communications technology’ around Skype. Meanwhile, what we know for sure that is that the tech giant is also pulling the plug on its MSN Messenger, providing the users with the option to transfer their contacts to Skype in a few days.

In view of this, it does seem that Microsoft is positioning Skype right at the heart of its communications technology. This ‘insider’ who revealed the scoop also stated that, “You might jump to the conclusion that we’ll see asynchronous voice and video messages in next-gen Xbox Live.”

To top this off, a recent job listing from Microsoft sought out a user interface designer for ‘next-generation Xbox.’ What is very telling is that this job was based at Microsoft’s Skype offices. In other words, the Skype team is looking for a person to help them create a user-interface for Xbox. Could it be that Microsoft intends to replace Xbox Live chat with Skype in its next game console? That seems very probable but only an official word from Microsoft can confirm this.

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