Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 Twitter Campaign Backfired

Software giant Microsoft unveiled its Windows Phone 8 in an event held at San Francisco October 29. To promote Windows Phone 8 indirectly, Microsoft launched a Twitter advertising campaign targeted at Android users, where users of the latter’s users were informed to share “malware horror story.” But somehow that didn’t work; rather that effort of Microsoft backfired.

Microsoft's Twitter Advertising Campaign For Android Users

Through the campaign Microsoft asked Android users to share their malware horror stories via Twitter. And the person who will tweet will get the chance to win a new Windows Phone handset. Android users started to backfire Microsoft in this way –

Google’s Director of Open Source, Chris DiBona, fired back writing – “Wanna see what Flop Sweat looks like? Follow: @WindowsPhone.”

Another user Apurva Chaudhary tweeted: “Microsoft slamming Android with #DroidRage for malware issues? Have you seen your desktop?”

Saif posted to Twitter, “I tried to buy a Nexus 4 but the device is so popular to get one! I wish it was less popular like Windows Phone #DroidRage.”

Android blog Android Central tweeted, “Whoops. Just activated another million devices today. Sorry about that @windowsphone #DroidRage.”

Mohammad Tarakiyee tweeted, “I once thought about writing malware for a Windows Phone but then I though, aren’t they suffering enough? #DroidRage #WindowsRage.”

No doubt, this was a bitter lesson for Microsoft. Next time, Microsoft should think twice what they are doing.

Source: Digital Trends

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