Polaroid And Vizio Offer 50-inch 4K TVs For $1000

4K TVs are relatively a recent innovation in the world of entertainment industry. Initially offered with exorbitant price tags, their prices have dipped now with the likes of Polaroid and Vizio offering 50-inch 4K TVs for a mere $1000.

Vizio 50 inch 4K TV

This year at CES 2014, a number of vendors unveiled their own 4K TVs. Polaroid and Vizio were the most notable among them because they have come up with really affordable 4K TVs, at least when compared to other vendors.

Both companies have readied 50-inch 4K TVs which retail at a mere $999.99. This may sound a steep price for a TV but for the record, this is a significant dip from what 4K TVs had been retailing for in the past few months. The models by both Vizio and Polaroid appear fairly similar, each titled Vizio P502ui-B1 and Polaroid 50GSR9000 respectively.

Polaroid 50 inch 4K TV

The model by Vizio comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio and has full LED backlighting. The backlight, in turn, comes with 64 intensity zones which lets you make the most out of the visual range of the picture. The TV packs a whopping six-core processor which is further broken down into a quad-core GPU as well as a dual-core CPU.

When it comes to the use of 4K TVs, it is ideally suited for gamers as well as power users. However, not a lot of content for 4K TVs is available yet which means that after shelling out some $999.99, you will have to wait for another few months before the rest of the entertainment industry catches up with these ultra-high-resolution displays.

Sources: Vizio, Polaroid

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  1. Tsais

    The real question: do they support HDMI 2.0? Without that, you’ll be unable to transmit 4K content at reasonable refresh rates to these displays from various sources of your choice…

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