Samsung And Yahoo Ink New Deal For Interactive TV Content

Samsung is uniquely positioned in the TV hardware industry as one of the main players. Yahoo, on the other hand, owns some of the breaking-edge technologies that can be used to deliver interactive content on TV. The two companies have now joined hands to bring this interactivity to Samsung’s Smart TVs.

Samsung Smart TV

The partnership between the two tech giants is long-term, bringing Yahoo’s Broadcast Interactivity platform to Samsung. Broadcast Interactivity will truly revolutionize the content delivered to Samsung’s Smart TVs in that it can enable the user to interact with that content in many ways.

For instance, the user can hit a button on the remote to view the coupons or deals available on a given brand when he watches its products. Moreover, when watching, say, a documentary, he can ask the TV to present him with the related trivia.

The deal will essentially open up a new space for advertisers who can then dish out more interactive advertisements and connect up with the users through their TVs. And that is precisely what both companies envision to be the outcome of this deal.

According to the vice president of Connected TV at Yahoo, Ron Jacoby, “We are thrilled that our expanded partnership with Samsung extends our platform’s footprint, enabling our content partners and advertisers to reach many more consumers. Content owners can augment their programming, and advertisers can create compelling calls-to-action that allow audiences to engage on marketing messages the moment they are delivered.”

Source: Yahoo PR

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