China Begins To Televise The Sunrise On TV Due To Smog

At present, the smog in Beijing has become so thick that citizens of a city can’t even view a natural sunrise. Therefore, the Chinese capital has now placed massive digital commercial TVs across the city that display virtual sunrises!

The Rising Sun In Tiananmen Square
The Rising Sun In Tiananmen Square

Beijing’s air quality is normally poor. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers 25 micrograms safe. But last Thursday, for the first time of the season, the readings for particles of PM2.5 pollution went above 500 micrograms per cubic meter. At mid-Thursday morning, the density of PM2.5 was between 300-500 and the air started to clear toward the afternoon. Note that, WHO recommends a daily air quality level of just 20, with a level above 300 is considered hazardous. However, this reading was the highest it has been since this time last year, and has made the country worried. Here’s a video.

On the other hand, due to such air quality, a pollution monitors have issued a severe air warning for both the elderly and school children to stay indoors until the quality of air improves. And as the citizens of Beijing now don’t receive the natural light as we do now, their Vitamin D level gets down, and it may eventually cause health problems. In addition, the air quality is still so poor, the state has begun using the large commercial screens installed in locations such as Beijing’s Tiananmen Square to broadcast footage of the sun as it rises.

Our reliable sources have suggested that the images of the sunrise used on the above screens in Beijing are part of an ad campaign – for which the screens were originally intended. In future, the air quality in China’s capital city may well be so poor that the sunrise is near impossible for residents to see this winter.

Source: Ubergizmo

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