World’s First Solar-powered Robot ‘Ladybird’ Unveiled In Australia

Now a days, robots are being deployed to almost every sectors – from cultivation to household works. Lately Salah Sukkarieh, the professor of robotics and intelligent systems at the University of Sydney has unveiled the world’s first solar-powered robot called Ladybird in Australia.

Solar-powered Farmbot

Solar-powered robot Ladybird has been designed for farms to collect data on pests and plant disease, pick weeds, and someday even harvest crops. It is laser-guided and self-driving. This robot uses sensors and hyper-spectral cameras to collect data about pests and crop conditions as it moves around, which it automatically interprets and delivers to the farmer. It is to be noted here that Ladybird  has successfully completed a three-day test on an Australian farm that grows spinach, onions and beetroot.


Salah Sukkarieh said in a statement, “Ladybird focusses on broad acre agriculture and is solar-electric powered. It has an array of sensors for detecting vegetable growth and pest species, either plant or animal. She also has a robotic arm for the purposes of removing weeds as well as the potential for autonomous harvesting.” Sukkarieh has also said that Ladybird will increase a farm’s efficiency and will help farmers to improve their crops.

The good news is the industry has welcomed the technology of the solar-powered robot. Now it’s time to be seen whether or not the robot is affordable for a farm or farmer to to buy and maintain

Source: University Of Sydney
Thanks To: Motherboard, ABC News

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