How to Identify Fake Android Apps In Google Play Store

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You should be worried about downloading Fake Apps from the Google Play Store. By using Fake Apps you make yourself vulnerable to unauthorized location tracking, personal information hack and so on.

Last year around One Million people downloaded the WhatsApp fake App. Although it was removed from Google Play Store as soon as the authority got to know about it. Here we ask, what steps can you, as a user, take to prevent falling victim to such fraudulent schemes? In this blog, we have listed out some tricks that you can use in order to keep on the safe side while using Apps from the Google Play Store.

Check The Name of The App and Developer

Two Apps can’t have the same name. A Fake will have some deviation from the original App. Maybe the Fake App will use an extra Space or Alphabet in the most subtle way. You should always check Apps with the same names carefully. We have a common tendency of Installing the first item on our Search Results. Don’t do it!

Also, Fake Apps might also try to fool users by almost using the same Logo but with very subtle variation. Similarly, the Developer name is also an important indicator of App originality. So the next time you are looking for an App, make sure you check the Name of the App and Developer as well as the Logos.

Check the Download Count

Original Apps have a higher Download count compared with their fake counterparts. Usually, a fake App will not stay on the Play Store long enough to get many downloads. but you might be the one to download it if you avoid checking the Active Downloads.

Skim Through the Comments Section

Usually, we do not like to read the comments under the Review Section. But they are more helpful than you think. Don’t look for the bad reviews only. Look for the ones that are authentic. Also, do check the Ratings of Apps before you download them.

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect is Google’s own antivirus for Android. However, recently they have integrated this feature within the Play Store along with other updates. This means each and every App on the Play Store goes through a verification mechanism. Every App goes through this verification mechanism in the initial entry stage into Google Play. So we can say that most of the malicious and fake Apps are detected at this very stage. If you see Verified by Play Protect Banner by the side of an App, rest assured that it is safe.

Wrapping Up!

To sum up here is the safety measure that you should take in order to avoid downloading Fake Apps from the Play Store, first always check the App and Developer Name as well as their Logo. Secondly, Check the Download Count. Thirdly check the Comments section and lastly look for the Verified by Play Protect Banner beside the Apps.

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