LG Creates World’s Thinnest 1080p LCD Panel At 2.2mm Thick

Smartphone displays are critically important, not only because they display all information to the users but also because they also affect the thickness of a handset. LG has now created the world’s thinnest 1080p LCD panel. This panel is a mere 2.2mm thick and can help LG build slimmer smartphones in the coming days.

LG OGS display

The true measure of this significant achievement can be gauged by the fact that the LCD panel of iPhone 5 is 2.4mm thick. In contrast, LG’s LCD panel is 2.2mm thick while at the same time, being 5.2-inches diagonally, thus occupying a greater display size.

According to LG, it has made use of the Advanced One-Glass-Solution (OGS) technology to achieve this breakthrough. The OGS technology makes use of a panel and a touchfilm layer, between which are inserted dual flexible printed circuits. These three components are bonded together with a transparent resin which doesn’t hinder light.

With the help of such innovation, LG has been able to trim down the critical few millimeters which can make all the difference in the coming days. Currently, smartphone vendors are engaged in a fierce war to trim down the thickness of their handsets by each new model. This has started to prove difficult, given that to continue this, vendors must furnish thinner display panels.

LG has already taken the lead on that front and although the company is not among the top brands in the smartphone arena yet, it may be able to entice many new users by using the 2.2mm-thick 1080p LCD panels to create ultra-slim smartphones. These thinner displays may also mean more volume for a given manufacture to squeeze in a larger battery, thus giving customers better battery times for their handsets.

Courtesy: Extreme Tech

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