Samsung Developing Mind Controlled Tablets

Now-a-days, gesture control devices that help people to be free from being physically ‘wired’ to their computers are getting popular. Korean tech giant Samsung seems to have been trying to go beyond that. We have come to know that engineers of Samsung are currently working on a device that can be controlled using the mind.

Mind-controlled Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Engineers of Samsung, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Texas, Dallas, are developing mobile devices that can be controlled using human mind. In order to make the magic happen, a user will have to wear an EEG (EEG monitors electrodes) cap with a series of electrodes connected to it which takes electrical activity from the brain and translates those into on-screen interactions within five seconds, with an accuracy rate of 80 percent – 95 percent.

Right now, the researchers are working on this new feature using the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Using the power of their thoughts, the people who are testing out the mind-controlled Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 can launch applications, pause/play music, turn the tablet on and off, and much more.

At present, the researchers still require a lot more research in order to materialize this innovative feature and they’re working diligently to do so.

Source: MIT Technology Review

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