oneTesla: Music-Playing Tesla Coil Kit Goes Massive On KickStarter

We have seen Tesla coils releasing sparks of bright energy in labs and movies. MIT students have created a 10-inch tall Tesla coil that can spark off energy by connecting up with your MIDI keyboard. Called oneTesla, the equipment makes the coil give off sparks according to the pitch and frequency of the keys you play.


To say that oneTesla is wicked cool and absolutely awesome is an understatement. For music enthusiasts as well as those interesed in electronics, this can be a prized possession. The interest of the users is manifest in the fact that while the MIT team had set out to gather funds to the tune of $20,000, the project has already amassed a backing of whopping $166,489 with 16 days still to go in the deadline.

The video posted by the team shows the students behind the project to be diligently working on the coil. The team created the driver board, the interrupter board and then a primary and a secondary coil. These were topped with a topload. All of this was created in one of the labs by the students themselves.

The musical oneTesla is 10-inches tall and the team hopes that using it will teach you about wireless power transfer as well as radio frequency. The team launched multiple backing options for KickStarter users and most of these have already sold out. The project already gathered 8 times the original funding goal. Currently, you can pledge $50 to get your hands on oneTesla driver and interrupter boards and can then go on to build your own coil.

Alternatively, you can pledge $30 to get the oneTesla board alone or $10 to show your support for the project. In all, the oneTesla project goes on to show how KickStarter has become an excellent place to launch university projects and gather the required funding to push these projects to the mass-production scale.

Source: KickStarter
Courtesy: Gizmag

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