Android Apps Waste 75% of Battery On Ads

With gadgets one wishes there is some way out of having to charge batteries every now and then. Having a battery that lasts longer is something that every tech gadget user wants. Recently, an interesting study was published which shows that free android apps waste 75% of power on ads according to New Scientist. This is really taking everything away from the battery essentially.

What is more disappointing is that it does so because of the Android ads while using apps. For sure, this is not a positive news that reflects well on the ads industry for Android. The Android apps uses 75% of the battery in serving ads or tracking and uploading user data. This means that if a user runs an app for 90 minutes, the whole of battery would be gone.

This fact came out after computer scientists at Purdue University, Indiana, discovered this after developing a software to analyse apps’ energy usage. Popular apps such as Angry Birds, Free Chess and NYTimes use only 10% to 30% energy to function. 45% of the energy is utilized in finding and uploading the location of a user with GPS in order to download location-appropriate ads over a 3G connection. If the 3G connection stays open for 10 seconds, it means that this “tail energy” has consumed 28% of the app’s energy. This is because the third-party code that developers use to generate profit from free apps takes up the energy.

Google must do something about this to make Android a better energy sustaining devise. Especially for the apps to succeed, if users will lose their energy in trying to run an app, it eventually means a loss of time and money they would want to spent on running more such apps. The research will soon be published during the presentation at the EuroSys conference in Bern, Switzerland.

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  1. Tsais_eredar


    Pretty simple that, don’t be a cheap skate installing free ad-driven apps.

    Regardless of battery, I can’t stand ads, so I have no ad-driven apps on my phone, I just buy the pro-versions, which usually also have more features in addition to doing away with ads.

    My Galaxy SII lasts a lot longer than my brother’s iPhone 4S, which isn’t exactly known for good battery life.

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