Android Devices Worldwide Cross 200 Million Mark, Says Google

Google launched Google Music in a recent event. Google Music is a cloud-based service which allows users in the US to access music for free. During the event, Google announced that the total number of active Android devices worldwide has crossed the mark of 200 million.

Back in May this year, Google had said that the total number of active Android devices all around the globe crossed 100 million. The rapid growth and mass popularity of these Android devices can be gauged from Google’s more recent announcement that within six months, this figure has doubled, the total active devices now being more than 200 million worldwide. And the average daily number of devices that are activated is a whooping 550,000.

Google Music:
This recent announcement has been made by Jamie Rosernberg who is Google’s director for digital content for Android. In the same event, Google launched Google Music. By using Google Music, US users can now add up to 20,000 songs to the online cloud so that they can be accessed from other devices through internet. Any number of devices can access these songs once they are uploaded to the cloud.

An interesting aspect of Google Music is that Google has collaborated with a number of artists who will provide exclusive content for Google Music and this content will be unavailable elsewhere. These include a number of well-known names such as Pearl Jam, Shakira, The Rolling Stones, Cold Play, Dave Matthews and others. Also, Sony Music Entertainment and a number of other prominent labels have joined the venture as content partners. Google Music has also been synced with the Android Market so that android users can get 320kbps for a price tag as low as $0.99.

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