Android Gets Faster, Easier Google Search For Mobile

Google just announced updates for Google Search available for the previous versions of Android. A set of new features are meant to appeal to users and to boost Android devices even further. The updated search service comes with faster and smoother performance and also with an improved much simpler user interface with a new color scheme.

In addition, Google search offers suggestion improvements. Now these suggestions for users’ searches will be grouped by type and country specific suggestions will be available for all Google national domains. Google Search app available now on Android Market requires Android 2.2 and 2.3. The official blog that describes the new features of the app also comes with a few tricks and tips for the users.

For instance, with the new app, a long press on history items will remove them and users can get suggestions from other apps if they check out searchable items in Search settings. In addition, a long press on home screen adds Google Search widget for much easier access. Provided of course that the user doesn’t already have it. Also query editing has been enhanced.

It seems that Google is more active than ever, making rapid changes to almost all its products. Is social media so powerful these days? Are Facebook and Twitter the first threats that Google is fearing? We don’t know for sure but we can see that the team at Google are moving faster than ever to consolidate and preserve their monopoly in online advertising and, who know, maybe quite soon, they will proudly say that they “own” the mobile operating system with Android.


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