Android In-App Billing

Android Developer announced their plan to introduce Android Market In-app Billing this quarter and they are pleased to let you know that they will be launching In-app Billing next week.Google is now allowing developers to upload and test apps that include in-app billing and developers cannot actually publish these updated apps until next week……


Google announced that in-app billing which was announced back in January would be available at the Android Market next week.Apps included in the in-app billing are now available to developers for testing. Developers can upload and test apps but they can not publish them until Google launch the service next week.Android users will soon be able to purchase game and app upgrades from within apps, putting Google in a stronger position to compete against Apple in the booming app market.The Mountain View, Calif.-based search giant invited developers to test out its in-app purchasing service.The company said the payment procedure during the testing phase would be precisely the same as it would be for the actual consumers during live transactions. Earlier at January’s Inside Mobile conference in San Fransisco, Eric Chu from the Android developer ecosystem had expressed his disapproval for Android Market’s lack of in-app purchases.


At the event, Eric promised that the company would pump more money into merchandizing, payments, downloading and all that.Rolling out in-app purchasing would add a valuable feature to Android apps, helping developers and game makers generate additional profits. With in-app billing, even free apps now earn money with app users buying new features and upgrades directly from the maker. That revenue could be colossal given the over 17 billion app downloads predicted for this year by Gartner.The monetary rewards could also pull more developer talent onto the platform.The feature would also bring Android‘s marketplace on par with its rival. Apple’s App Store has had in-app billing since October 2009, and many iPhone games use an in-app model. Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds, didn’t wait for Google to deliver the new service. The company had announced its own solution, called Bad Piggy Bank, which charges your cell phone account for in-app purchases.Apple’s updated iOS 4.3 now requires users to enter their passwords before making in-app purchases to prevent accidental buying.Apple’s App Store and BlackBerry App World have been offering in-app billing service since October 2009 and September 2010.



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