Cut The Rope For Android Available Now

We bring a good news for the android users. All the popular games for iOS eventually make their way to Android. Cut the Rope is is also one of the biggest hit game for iOS. The game which made its debut on the iOS platform last year is now finally on Google’s Android mobile operating system.

Surprisingly instead of being an Amazon exclusive like quite a number of games have been recently, GetJar managed to score the exclusive rights to distribute this game for free (instead of $0.99) for one week.

Cut the Rope is a physics-based puzzle game designed for all age people. Players use their fingers to cut ropes in order to make candy fall into the mouth of a little monster.I have this game in my iPhone and this one of my fevourite game. Cut the Rope will be available as a free ad-supported game from GetJar’s store. If you go to the Android market, beware: there’s a $0.99 “cut the rope tips” app that is NOT the game!

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