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Google has announced that it’s releasing an official Google Reader app for Android.The new Android app supports multiple accounts, friends, unread counts, synced preferences,search, linking and sharing, and pretty much anything else you’d need.

The Android version will support multiple accounts, preferences for your syncing, as well as the ability to subscribe and search for new feeds via your phone.

It also includes some less obvious features, including the ability to navigate through feeds via your volume key – something that addresses one of the major complaints with other mobile versions of Google Reader, the “fat finger” syndrome.

If you hit the menu key while on an individual item, you’ll be able to use the “send” feature which will integrate with other apps on your phone so you can share the feed to your other apps or services, including Facebook and Twitter. And if you hold down a folder or a particular subscription, you’ll have the option to rename folders or unsubscribe from feeds, something that makes the app much more usable.

Google Reader is a free download for Android phones. It’s available in the Android Market.

Android Google Reader App is Here!
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