Fujitsu Offers Stylistic S01 With Simplified Features For Seniors

Mobile phones have undergone tremendous changes over the past few years. While the young folks have tried to keep up with all these trends, many seniors don’t care to know much about the latest innovations in the smartphone or tablet arena. Now, Fujitsu is offering the Stylistic S01 Android smartphone, made for seniors.

fujitsu stylistic s01

In the past, the popular approach by vendors had been to include hard buttons on handsets meant for the seniors. That approach did work but it felt patronizing to the elderly. Fujitsu’s approach has far more appeal – the company has included a simplified interface on the handset.

To use the touchscreen, a user is required to press on it, not merely tap as is the case in other smartphones. This is done to ensure that a senior user does not accidentally tap the display. To confirm a given tap, the phone gives a haptic feedback.

Fujitsu has redone Android to furnish an altogether different interface on the S01 handset. All apps are arranged on a single screen, so that users don’t have to swipe left or right. Important apps appear on top of the list whereas less important ones are pushed down the list.

For instance, among the top-listed apps on the handset are email, Facebook, the phone dialer, text messages etc. Further down the list, other common smartphone features such as camera, video recorder etc can be found. As far as the hardware goes, Fujitsu hasn’t divulged many details about what the handset packs under the hood; in a way, that’s alright since in this case, exact specs don’t matter much.

The company did reveal that the handset packs an alarm button. In case of an emergency, a senior user can hit the alarm button which would automatically dial emergency contacts and also trigger an alarm. The handset is, furthermore, water-proof and can be recharged by being placed in a dock – no need for the users to mess up with charger cords.

Fujitsu promises that Stylistic S01 will be made available by Orange in June, although we are yet to hear about the pricing details of the smartphone.

Courtesy: CNET

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