Google Has Plans For Mobile World Congress 2012

Google has been rather mute about it’s plan regarding the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2012. In fact, we weren’t even sure if the company had plans of being a part of the event. However, now a countdown on page shows that an Android mascot is being unboxed at the MWC. This essentially hints that Google has some plans for the event.

Although Google itself hasn’t officially said anything as to what it will reveal at the event, this graphic countdown at the Android homepage does show that the company will at least be participating. So we can expect a strong Android presence during the event.

We already reported that it is being rumored that Samsung has plans for unveiling a 10.1-inch version of Galaxy Note. If indeed these rumors are true, that single Android device may become the starchild of the entire event, given the wild popularity of Galaxy Note franchise.

Another rumor about Samsung, it being the leading Android vendor right now, is that it will be unveiling a previously unknown, unheard-of Android 4.0 device during the event. While the details about these are scarce and most of it is based on rumors, we sure can expect some new Android devices at the event.

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