Google Maps For Android Updated to Version 5.2

Google updated its Maps application for Android smartphones with two new features. The new Google Maps, the version 5.2, is significantly improved with emphasis on Google Hotpot and Latitude social kind-of services.

Hotpot service is a social service which enables users to share and rate local restaurants. In the updated versions, users will be able to tweet about the recent activity at Hotpot. For example one can now tweet the reviews about a particular restaurant and even share the rating using an integrated widget for rating.

The new Google Maps has ping facility which can be used to notify friends and contacts. The “pings” will be shown in the notification area. Hence, you do not need to email or text your buddies about the updates or call for meeting, just ping them up!


The list below is salient features that are changed or added to the Google Maps 5.2:

* Sharing reviews and rating through Twitter
* Ping friends on Latitude
* Check-in notifications in Latitude
* “Search more places” option for searching more places that are not shown in suggested places.

The features are part of Google Maps 5.2, which is available for free in the Android Market now. It works on Android phones running 1.6+ or newer. In order to use Ping, all of your friends will need to be upgraded to the latest version.

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