E FUN Nextbook Next2 Android Tablet

E FUN is preparing to launch a new line of Android tablets naming as Nextbook.Next2 Model Features a 7″ Color TFT Touch Screen Display, Wi-Fi and Multimedia functions.In addition to the Nextbook brand, E FUN is also launching the APEN brand of digital pens.

Nextbook’s Next2 model Andriod tablet computer with built-in e-reader and WiFi will be launching with HSN this fall. In addition to the Nextbook brand, E FUN is also launching the APEN brand of digital pens.

The Nextbook line of tablets feature Google’s powerful Linux-based Android operating system. The Next2 has a generous 7″ TFT color display, 2GB of memory as well as an SD/MMC card slot for memory expansion, and a MP3/photo viewer. 25 books, as well as videos and music, are pre-loaded into every Next2. Each comes with a stylish protective cover case with magnetic closure to keep it safe.

Every Nextbook model has a preloaded Borders eBook Store application making it easy to purchase and download favorite titles. “Shopping” for an e-book is like shopping for a printed book, except the book is delivered instantly to your Nextbook. The Borders eBook store offers more than one-million titles, many of which are free. Nextbook owners can choose the latest bestsellers and new releases as well as specific categories such as biography, fiction, romance, etc., right from the comfort of their own home.

E FUN Nextbook Android tablet e-readers will be available first on HSN beginning in November. MSRP is a very affordable $199.99 for the Next2.


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  1. Sweetsugar_0607

    I cant get mine to boot up? Any help

  2. cathy

    calibration issue Mine keeps saying calibration has failed I cannot get passed that dang gren guy at all

  3. Joann4jesus

    mine froze and would not even shut off so complicated

  4. Bkayser2

    where can I find a contacts program to download?  Anyone know???

  5. Myzoo55

    I have had my nextbook for about 10 months and have not had any problems until last night!  It froze up and then a banner came on saying” The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly.  please try again”  then another banner came up saying that the process for google email has stopped unexpectedly, please try again.  I cannot turn the unit off, or go to anything else.  I have tried to reset the unit, even have tried to find the battery, which you cannot find!!  If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.

  6. guest


  7. Marlene

    These units are not good.  I returned one because it froze up, immediately after I got it, and now my exchanged unit is doing the same thing.  So disappointing.  Send it it asap for exch under warranty.  Otherwise, use it as a doorstop.

  8. Marlenaloha

    So bad.  HSN refuses to admit these are junk.

  9. Kayleen_goodwin

    i have a nextbook, and i cannot get on internet and also my wifi is connected and says it is connected, but when i go to click on the internet, it says force close, and i am wandering how i can get the force close hoe to quit popping up? and let me online to internet?

  10. Kayleen_goodwin

    ine is doing the same thing right now did you ever get your fixed if so any help? i need to get thru the process to internet and all and i cannot figure it out what so ever?

  11. Abouthadit

    My daughter gave me a Next2 for Christmas. I thinks she got it at Big Lots because she doesn’t have a lot of cash to spend on gifts. She just loves me so much she blew some cash on what she thought would be a nice gift for me. Little did she know that this device is pure garbage.

    The hardware and software are insufficient for the tasks required. It locks up continuously. It recycles at whim. It shuts down for no visible reason.

    The Android OS 1.2 – 2.1 is buggy too. Google, like most software developers, releases the first versions to get it on the market and then plays catch-up with later versions to straighten out all the bugs.

    All this is done at user expense.

    To top it all, Nextbook won’t honor a warranty unless you send them the original receipt. That’s their way of skating on the issue of poor quality. Folks who can show the receipt receive another piece of junk in it’s place that will also fail to function properly is a short while.

    What is really needed is a class action lawsuit against these manufacturers because they knowingly put out junk that they know has a high failure rate. Then they stonewall you or put on an act of trying to ‘fix’ the problem when they know the problem really can’t be fixed with the current device and software level.

    Don’t buy anything from any of these weak or unknown manufacturers. In fact, the only device I know that came out of the gate smoking has been the Apple device. No worries. No BS. They work. Apple guarantees it. You get what you paid for.

    Android is still trying to put out a glitch-free OS at level 2.3. It it’s not the Ginger Bread version OS, don’t even think about buying it.

  12. John3-16

    I was given a Next2. It works fine, just a little slow on the network since it has a 1mips capability that is running on my 54 mips network. In the on-line manual to fix a hang-up, press the reboot switch in the little hole on the back. I believe a straightened paperclip would work nicely. I do not have the USB cable for the unit, so I am at a little loss, but the SD port is working just fine. And for the person that has never had any electronic devise work properly except for their iPad, my frient migrated from her ipad 4 to the 5. Sounds easy, but lost ALL of her pictures and phone book. Now that STINKS! The Next2 is just fun to play with, maybe games and net-surfing and not lugging my laptop around so much. The best help I can provide is read the manuals that came with the units, FIRST, and completely. I have worked with computers for over thirty years, it takes a lot of reading and patience. John3-16

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