Google Sky Map for Android-Powered Handsets

Google Mobile blog reveals that the company has devised Google Sky Map for Android-powered handsets which enables users to gaze through both the future and past sky.

This new app has been engineered to facilitate users for surfing through the expansive blue roof on any particular date. The Google Sky Map makes it possible for them to traverse into any period of their choice. Users can peep into the planetary positions of the 1960s sky as well as delve into the app for planning a weekend date under twinkling stars.

The application allows consumers to keep a tab of their coveted journeys, unleashing a smooth sail across the sky. Users can watch their trips over and over again at varying speeds. This can also help them to gauge the transformation which has taken place across the wide galactic space. Besides, even as they navigate to another era, people can explore objects of personal interests.

Google Sky Map is now up for grabs on the Android Market for devices running on version 1.6 and above.
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