Google Unveils Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 Update Details

Good news for the Android fun club. Android 4.0. Ice Cream sandwich just landed a new update called 4.0.3. The only puzzling thing about it is that it seems aimed at developers. The new software brings the usual bug fixes and enhancements (regarding camera, Bluetooth and text-to-speech) plus a couple of APIs for developers.

Some extra tweaks include better social integration with Google+ and Gtalk and some calendar enhancements. The new apps can now add some color to your events, so you can easily keep track of them. Also you get new types of attendees and extra states for your personal use. New camera capabilities also come with the update. The apps installed can check and manage video stabilization and use the QVGA resolution feat when needed

And of course no self respecting update will forget about the ever present social feat. As the OS got optimized for tablets and phones alike, among the new APIs there’s a Social Stream API found in Contact Provider, that enables social stream data apps (like those used to check status updates) to sync data with each of the user’s contacts.

It should be also noted that the brand new version of SDK Tools (r16) is now available for download. Also the Eclipse plug-in got an update called ADT 16.0.1. Google updated NDK as well to r7.


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