IDC: Android Grabs 75% Of The Smartphone Market In Q3

Android has been rapidly growing its share in the smartphone market over the recent past. With multiple vendors offering Android devices, the platform now commands the largest smartphone user base. Market research firm IDC has revealed that during the third quarter, Android accounted for 75 percent of the total smartphone shipments.

Although Apple continues to assert its success in terms of profits and annual revenue, the sales figures are not on its side. Rather, Samsung has become the largest smartphone vendor in the world, selling most smartphones during the last quarter.

IDC’s report, titled “Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker,” is a quarterly research which shows the market share of different smartphone platforms. According to the report, during the third quarter alone, a total of 136 million Android smartphones were sold.

Samsung topped this list by selling the most Android phones followed by other vendors. When giving a fleeting view to the growth of the smartphone market over the recent years, the pace at which Android has become the dominant force is quite striking.

According to IDC’s research manager for mobile phones, Ramon Llamas, “In every year since then, Android has effectively outpaced the market and taken market share from the competition. In addition, the combination of smartphone vendors, mobile operators, and end-users who have embraced Android has driven shipment volumes higher. Even today, more vendors are introducing their first Android-powered smartphones to market.”

In comparison to Android’s 136 million sold smartphones during the third quarter, Apple sold a mere 26.9 million units. This goes on to show how Android is slowly becoming the dominant force in the smartphone arena, even when Apple may have the most profitable smartphone business.

Another interesting bit of information divulged by the IDC report is that Windows Phone platform has been able to see some positive growth during the last quarter. It is expected that this growth may be further bolstered now that Microsoft has released Windows Phone 8.

Source: IDC
Courtesy: ZDNet

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