Motorola Xoom Owners Getting Android 3.2 and MicroSD Fix!

Looks like it’s another first for Motorola Xoom owners.  The company is rolling out a huge update, Android 3.2!  Yes, the Xoom is the first tablet to get the new version of Google’s Android operating system for tablets.

xoom 3.2

As of this morning, Motorola XOOM tablet owners are reporting that they are being prompted for a big Android 3.2 firmware update.  And if getting Android 3.2 wasn’t enough, it seems that Motorola has finally enabled the MicroSD card slot with this massive update.

This all comes after this mornings news that Google has released parts of the Android 3.2 source code to the public (AOSP).  Open source guru Jean-Baptiste Queru posted the news this morning on his Google+ stream.

Getting back to the update, apparently the only Xoom WiFi owners are the ones being prompted with the update notification.  Obviously Verizon owners will probably have to wait a bit, just like always.

Probably the biggest and most important overall feature of Android 3.2 Honeycomb is the new Zoom-To-Fill Screen feature.  It will help regular Android apps and non-native tablet apps look and feel a whole lot better on the larger screens.  It is a big plus for developers, and tablet owners alike.

More importantly this update finally fixes a sore spot with Xoom owners.  The MicroSD card has been useless for the most part since the device shipped a few months ago.  European Xoom owners received the fix already, when it was added to the Android 3.1 update.

Now everything is copasetic with Motorola Xoom fans, I hope.

via Android Community

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