Motorola Xoom WiFi Finally Suports Android Movies For Rent

Motorola has lifted that restriction and Wi-Fi Xoom owners too can access Google Videos (or Google Movies) on the Android Market, rooted Xooms are still not allowed access. Some Wi-Fi Xoom owners are reporting server errors with the service but it’s working well for others and with the application your Wi-Fi Motorola XOOM will have access to thousands of movies (some in HD resolution) for renting. Some of the movies are free, but others cost between $0.99 and $3.99…………..


Motorola XOOM was announced as one of the first Android devices to receive streaming of rentals from the Android Market and the Google Videos (formerly Movies) app came to carrier-branded XOOM tablets along with the Android 3.1 update, but the same OS upgrade did not enable the app on WiFi-only versions of the slate. Google Movies has over 3,000 movie titles from Universal, Sony and Warner Bros that users can rent or purchase. During the initial phase, in which only selected tablets got the service, seems to be an attempt by Google to test the service with a smaller audience before making it a large scale service. The testing seems to be over and so the service is making way to tablets like Xoom WiFi. These movies are also available through YouTube for purchase and rental. The rental price starts at $1.99 (about Rs 90). Movies rented through Youtube can be watched on Android tablets and phones and vice-versa. It will pose a big challenge to OEM services like HTC Watch and Samsung Movies, titles of which can only be played on their own branded devices. Google Movie service will work across all the devices including on non Android devices (Youtube is available across all platforms). The application is free to install here on the official Android Marketplace, paid content has an access window of 30 days but you can only watch the content for 24 hours after you push play.



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