Notion Ink launches Ice Cream Sandwich Alpha Update For Adam Tablet

Notion Ink founder, Rohan Shravan announced on the official blog a new release for Adam tablet owners. Alpha ROM, now available for download, delivers an update to bring the latest Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, in Alpha to Adam tablets. The update also offers fixes for audio, sensors, Bluetooth, accelerated video, Wi-Fi, HDMI video (without sound), capacitive buttons, GPS among other improvements.

The best news brought by the update is the Ice Cream Sandwich that becomes now available, as we have pointed out before. The update comes with main ICS features including Face Detection (which is OMAP implementation), Zero Shutter Lag, Migration to Kernel 3.0, Sensor Polls the Accelerometer Input, Multiple Auto Focus Region Support, Multiple Metering Area Support, Face Unlock, Launching Camera from Locked Screen.

However, the company left for a later version to fix issues like 3G connection “though it’s working on kernel level now,” notices the blogpost. Also some USB problems like the plugged in at boot, mass storage and MTP are to be addressed at a later time. In addition, light sensor, sleep bug, video acceleration for High Quality YouTube Video and HDMI sound remain as problems still waiting for a solution. Another problem raised by users is related to camera performance. Even though a solution isn’t offered at this time, the company acknowledges the issue. “A lot of effort will be involved in fixing the camera, but we stay positive on fixing it ASAP,” as Rohan Shravan promises.

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