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Samsung Knox: Providing Advanced Security For Your Android Handset

Mobile devices are routinely used today to access internet, keep track of businesses and perform different financial transactions. Samsung Knox is an excellent app that secures your Android handset by creating a virtual operating system.

Samsung Knox

Samsung launched Knox as a solution for such users who want to keep their personal and professional worlds apart on their mobile devices. Knox works by creating a virtual operating system within Android so that all the apps and data within this virtual partition can’t be accessed by the apps and tools in the main OS. Knox essentially blocks any interactions between the main OS and the Knox-secured virtual space, so that you can rest assured that anything within the virtual container is fully secure.

Once you have set up Knox, you are able to secure it with a password. Moreover, all the apps and data in Knox’s virtual space are fully encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard cipher algorithm which has a 256-bit key.

However, to be able to use Knox, you need to have one of the relatively recent handsets from Samsung. You will further need to upgrade the handset to Android 4.3 after which Knox will automatically be an available feature on the device.

There have been reports that Knox is probably not as secure as Samsung makes it out to be and that it contains vulnerabilities. A recent report, for instance, cited that a hacker can easily launch a man-in-the-middle attack on the emails and data sent by Knox users. But it later transpired that this attack is limited only to unencrypted application data for which the developer of that specific app is to be blamed.

In all, Samsung Knox is a must-have security feature on your Android handset if you use or store important personal or financial data on your smartphone.

Courtesy: Hacker News

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