StumbleUpon app now available On Android

StumbleUpon comes with its discovery tools to Android.StumbleUpon is now available in Android Marketplace and ready for download……

StumbleUpon is about to take its web recommendation savvy and apply it to mobile apps for the first time. The service, which builds personal recommendations for users who want to find web content, is now launching an app discovery feature for Android apps. The beta feature will be included in  StumbleUpon’s updated Android app, which was released in August along with an iPhone app.

Android users will not only get recommendations on good web mobile content but will now get suggestions on apps based on their tastes and preferences. StumbleUpon will look at a user’s profile and their current collection of apps and come up with a list of apps that other similar users have downloaded. StumbleUpon considers the popularity of apps and also looks for apps that are usually downloaded in combination with others.

Recent changes:

  • New feature: Stumble through Android apps!
  • Stumbling speed increased
  • You can now follow other users from the app
  • Bug fixes

Download StumbleUpon For Android From :HERE


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