Taiwan Finds Paid Android Refund Window Unlawful

Taipei City Government was recently alerted to Google’s Android Market return policies, that violate Taiwanese consumer protection laws requiring any product bought over the internet to have at least a 7-day trial period and gave Google a 15-day ultimatum to revise its app return policies to include the mandatory 7-day trial period. While the 15-minute refund window for apps and games purchased on the Android Market is fairly short and Tapei City government fined Google for the privilege of refusing to follow Taiwanese law’, followed swiftly by a T$1m ($35000 approx)……..


Taipei City Government said Google refused according to Taiwan this morning that consumer protection law to give mobile application (APP) consumer appreciation of period seven and threatened to suspend sales to Taiwan consumers pay for APP. Google‘s move to stop selling pay-APP is clearly intended to kidnap the consumers in Taiwan to refuse to follow the law in Taiwan in exchange for the privilege, according to the Taipei City Government decided to cut at one million fines, and re-ordering Google to made before July 1, the improvement plan. Director of Consumer Protection, Taipei City Government official Chenbi Zhu pointed out, Google Android Market terms of service set forth in, consumers can only download mobile applications refund fifteen minutes, a clear violation of Consumer Protection Law “mail-order sale” must permit consumers to refund within seven days provisions and by the government deadline last Thursday (23) documented improvement before, Google asked the city government temporarily on Friday morning to open fine, do a final decision today. But Google this morning to the city represented by counsel, call the city by U.S. personnel, expressly refused to follow Taiwan’s Consumer Protection Law of the mandatory requirement and said to stop payment application software sales, Taipei City Government expressed regret and decision was based on the Consumer Protection Act NT $ 1 million Google severe punishment and re-ordering Google’s made ​​before July 1, the improvement plan.


Taipei City Government Regulation Committee chairman, said Ye Qingyuan, China’s courts and Zhongyangzhengfu has repeatedly explained, online shopping mail order sale of the Consumer Protection Law must apply the provisions of mobile phone users to purchase mobile phones via the Internet application software, naturally, by the Consumer Protection method of protection. Ye chairman pointed out that although some consumers on the Internet that the refund of previously successful experience there, but the complexity of the current user interface refund, but also in the industry through stereotyping Qiyue Ming Wen excluded under the current status of refund liability, refund or become the industry’s “grace to” rather than the rights of consumers, this unreasonable contract provisions must be amended. The Taipei City Government started the network marketing industry advocacy platform to protect online shoppers period of seven provisions of hesitation from the other local ISP industry PCHOME to Yahoo and other international ISP industry have been follow Taiwan‘s laws apply, the two mobile phone to Apple and Google applications software industry advocacy, Apple has also accepted the City’s specifications, only Google ignoring legal requirements for the privilege of not being standardized, the City can not accept. Ye Qingyuan chairman pointed out that the mobile marketing platform operators such as Google and Apple sold the software, you can connect through the phone’s update feature, check on the persistence of the software on the user’s mobile phone, so consumers will not refund occurred after the last mobile applications using the associated problems. Ye chairman stressed that the technical issues related to the Apple APP Store since they do not cause trouble, Google refused to cooperate with apparently very malicious.



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