TiVo To Release Android And iPhone Apps

TiVo Android and iPhone apps in the works, Season Passes soon at your fingertips and Android build will target tablets first and smartphones later, perhaps even a merged edition once Ice Cream Sandwich crawls from the freezer. This version of TiVo will soon make recording season-long reruns of The Hills even easier for those living within iOS or Android ecosystems, including updates from the places you’re too embarrassed to mention in public………..


A TiVo app for the iPhone has reportedly been in the works for some time and a recent advertisement has provided a few more details, a similar app on Android tablets such as the Motorola Xoom or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is in work. It looks like TiVo is finally getting ready to reveal iPhone and Android Apps for their popular DVR service and TiVo is expected to eventually bring with it mobile internet video streaming, media sharing and other functions that can help TiVo gain the upper hand against their competitors. While TiVo has alluded to additional companion mobile apps, via Twitter and other venues, the June issue of CEPro provides concrete details via a full page advertisement targeting custom installers:

One of the biggest trends to sweep through the consumer electronics industry is the adoption of software delivered through Apple’s iTunes App Store. For TiVo owners, the California-based company developed control and management apps for the iPad and (soon) the iPhone and Android OS products. Williams says that TiVo approached the development of its control apps with the goal of making it easy for users to maximize the power of its products and extend the TiVo experience to a “second screen.”


Though the app would likely be launched for US TiVo customers first, there’s a possibility that Brits with the co-branded Virgin Media box might also get in on the act. cnet, took a look at the Virgin Media TiVo just before Christmas and were pretty impressed with it. It certainly beats the pants off Sky and BT Vision when it comes to recommending TV programmes you’ll like, plus it has a huge hard drive, streams YouTube videos and can integrate with other online video services such as BBC iPlayer. It’s also socially aware, letting you post Twitter and Facebook updates from within the app. There’s no mention of the app offering streaming content. Sky for one obviously thinks there’s the demand for this kind of service, having just announced Sky Go, but with high mobile data costs, you’d likely only want to use the service at home or in public Wi-Fi locations. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of choices they make in bringing that second screen experience to the smaller display of a TiVo iPhone app.


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