Top Five Android Apps For Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire has grasped the attention, and hearts, of a large number of users worldwide. Despite some issues with it’s wi-fi, the device is a huge success. Listed below are the ten top Android Apps that you can use on this nifty gadget.


Here’s the perfect app for the news buffs. No matter how many different sources you want to scroll and no matter how extensive is the content, Pulse brings it right to your finger-tips. Make an account on Pulse, add in the sources you want news feed from and Pulse gives it you on you Kindle Fire in neat rows with tiny thumbnails and articles purged of the regular ads!

Read It Later Pro:

How many times you have come across an interesting article on internet but have no time to read it? I bet that happens often. Here’s the perfect solution for your add. Download the Read It Later app and whenever you come across an article you want to read later, add it to the app. Later, when you get time, you get a list of all such articles on the Read It Later queue and you can read them, even if you are offline.

So planning on watching a movie this weekend? Wait, you want to be sure of the show timings and you may want to check if the movies screened are any good. In fact, maybe you’d simple download the movie and watch it on the awesome Kindle Fire display, right? Here’s to all such plans: Fandago app is here for all such purposes.

Alarm Clock Xtreme:
Here’s the best part: most of us absolutely hate that annoying alarm clock sound. Now by paying just a dollar, you can customized alarm sounds, volumes and types. Set that Shakira beat on the alarm clock and wake up in symphony! 😉

And finally, here’s your one-stop solution for all chat messengers. Download Imo and it supports all chat-services, from skype to Gtalk. Share multimedia with friends, group chat and interact with style.


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    Amazon’s latest tablet Kindle Fire builts with many good android application. These are few useful android apps.

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