Android Face-recognition Can Be Easily Fooled

The new Android Phone, Galaxy Nexus, runs Android 4.0 which will have the feature of facial recognition. You can unlock your phone through this feature. But it has been shown that the software can be easily fooled when you show it the photo of the person rather than the real face.

Google Galaxy Nexus, which hasn’t been released yet, was up for display at an event. Google has included a Facial Recognition feature in the Android 4.0 but had warned that the facial recognition software may not be fool-proof. In fact, Google said that it was less secure than password or a regular pin.

So Soya Cincau, a mobile blog, decided to test the safety of the feature. A blogger from this mobile blog was at the event and was asked by someone at Twitter that can the Face Recognition feature be fooled by showing it the printed picture rather than the real face. The blogger decided to test it. He didn’t have access to a printed picture of his face, so he took a digital photo and held it in front of Galaxy Nexus. And interestingly, the mobile recognized his face as the real face and unlocked!

Google has been quick to respond to this. Google officials have clearly stated that the Face Recognition feature is still just experimental and in terms of security, it’s less safe than a mere password. But earlier, Tim Bray who is part of the Android Team had claimed that the facial recognition security can’t be breached so easily. ‘Nope. Give us some credit’ Tim had said when someone had tweeted that face-recognition can be easily bypassed by showing it a photo.

 Image Courtesy gillyberlin

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