One good news for game related people that ASUS ROG CG8490 is in market.It’s a gaming desktop.Enjoy ASUS ROG CG8490….

ASUS had a Computex kickoff event to showcase the new products they’ve developed for this year’s show. Jonney Shih, the Chairman of ASUSTek Computer Inc. was on hand to give us a presentation of their new products.

Mainstream systems are usually well enough equipped to play any gaming title at full graphical options. However, when it comes to true gaming prowess, there are many ways the experience can be enhanced. Multi-display configurations can be set up, resolutions can be pushed to higher levels, as can the refresh rate. To enable this ultimate entertainment, one needs the best equipment that money can buy. Knowing this, ASUS has prepared the ROG CG8490 desktop PC.

ASUS’ ARES line of gaming PCs has been kicking for a few years now, but regardless of how many iterations we see, we’re still a wee bit terrified when approaching a chassis this gargantuan. Just after the outfit’s press conference in Taipei, we daintily hurried over to the newest member of the family in order to snag a few shots and get the low-down on what users could expect when it ships between now and next century.

Aesthetically, we’re told that the CG8490 was inspired by “ancient and modern armor of both Eastern and Western cultures,” likely a politically correct statement with no actual meaning. Regardless, this monster can overclock itself by as much as 20 percent without boiling over.

Through the sheer fact that it bears the ROG (Republic Of Gamers) logo, one can deduct that this is no ordinary rig. In fact, it can be assumed that it is no ordinary rig even among gaming rigs, just like ROG motherboards or graphics cards stand out among their own kind. True enough, when looking at the system closely, it becomes quite obvious that its maker definitely didn’t want anything to be ordinary about it.

Of course, this much horsepower will need a suitable home, which is why the inner and outer chassis design pays as much heed to cooling efficiency as it does to aesthetic value. With an exterior inspired from ancient and modern armor of both Western and Easter cultures, the tough case boasts multiple large fans. ROG CG8490 will be on display at Computex, where pricing and availability details may or may not be revealed.

One such product is from the Republic of Gamers line, the CG8490 Desktop. This complete gaming system comes packing some serious hardware in that giant case! The heart of the beast is the Intel Core i7 980X six core CPU. And since 3.33GHz is just not enough, ASUS will be pushing it up to a minimum of 4GHz but is hoping that the final spec is closer to 4.3GHz. Memory is said to be high end and weighs in at 12GB of DDR3. Graphics are accelerated by dual overclocked Radeon HD 5870’s in CrossFireX. Air cooling for the CPU and video cards was chosen for the best price/performance ratio over liquid cooling.

The unique case is inspired by ancient and modern armor of both Eastern and Western cultures, tough to withstand punishment and resist degradation. While we don’t have the count or size, we’re told that there are quite a few large fans in place to keep system temperatures in check.

The power switch utilizes capacitive touch and a finger print reader is also included for the ultimate in system security.

ASUS expects to ship the CG8490 first to Germany in early July, with the rest of Europe to follow shortly. No promises were made about availability outside of the European markets, but ASUS is optimistic that with strong sales it will be able to make it available to US markets and China.

Oh, and be sure to peek the limited edition ARES GPU as well as the company’s Rampage III Extreme motherboar.


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