Moneual Dual Screen PC Case

Moneual DSPC puts a monitor on your computer case which is a case sporting a decidedly tall display that could make for a useful desktop extension despite subscribing to no aspect ratios heretofore known by man………

Moneual Lab’s newest case won’t be of much use to you. But if you still prefer to have it sitting on your desk right next to your monitor, then their DSPC or Dual Screen PC case which they unveiled at CES will be most useful to you.Moneual Lab DSPC case have the tower-style case sports a tall and slender LCD display which can be used as a second monitor to display widgets, tickers, toolbars or other apps that don’t require loads of screen real estate.Moneual Lab DSPC case ill tentatively be available in Q3 of this year for about $1,500.


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