SoftFuse Password Generator Std 2.5 For Windows

Do you think your password should be more secured? Or you need any generator that can provide more secured password. Then i must say you should try SoftFuse Password Generator Std 2.5 that will help to generate more secure and unique password for you. This software support Windows Vista, 7, Windows tablet PC, 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003.

You can use this program to generate passwords quality and that can not be broken easily. according to one will have to try hard to crack a passwords created with SoftFuse Password Generator. This is because you can include in a passwords letters, numbers and special characters. You can also choose to use upper case, lower case or mixed case characters in case you need a case sensitive password.

Before generating a password, you can select the password’s length, choose a suffix and a prefix and a mask. Passwords containing all kinds of characters are very difficult to remember, so you will probably need a password manager.

You will find this software in So click here to Download.

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