Google Will Stop Supporting Chromebooks After Four Years

Google has divulged the details of its ‘Chrome OS End of Life Policy‘ and that’s not good news for users of Chrome OS for Enterprise or Education. According to Google, it will stop supporting Chromebooks in these categories four years from its manufacturing date.


‘End of Life’ essentially hints a vendor cutting all ties with one of its products or services. Microsoft, for instance, has pegged the End of Life date of Windows XP at April 8. After this, the OS will receive no security or other updates from the software giant.

Similarly, when Google says that it won’t support Chrome OS machines four years from the date of its manufacturing, it means that these machines will no longer get any security patches or updates, any Chrome OS upgrades or any new features that Google may add to the OS.

Chromebook Deadlines

The deadline for different Chromebooks differ because each carries a different manufacturing date. HP Chromebook 11, for instance, will no longer be supported by Google after October 2014 while Dell’s Chromebook 11 will have ran its course by January 2018.

However, before you panic as a Chromebook owner, know that these End of Life policies apply only to Enterprise and Education customers using Chrome OS. If you are a general user of Chromebooks, you need not worry yet since Google hasn’t revealed its expiry dates for the general users. But it is expected that the deadline for general users will be far more extended than the four years offered in other cases.

Source: Google
Courtesy: Digital Trends

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