iDrive Offers 50 GB iOS Cloud Storage For $0.99

Cloud storage has become fairly critical to our data-centric digital lives these days. A new entrant in the cloud storage industry has now come up with an extraordinary offer: iDrive is offering 50 GB of cloud storage space to iOS users for a mere $0.99 for a year.

iDrive for iOS

This is an incredible offer when compared with the price tags of other cloud storage companies. And this offer comes on top of an earlier announcement from iDrive which offered exactly the same deal to Android users. It would appear that iDrive knows the tough competition it has to face from the the likes of Dropbox and is trying to amass a user base by nuking down the prices.

If you are an iOS user, you aren’t going to get better cloud storage prices. The best part is that the $0.99 per year offer is not limited to the first year only. Rather, the rate will go on for the forthcoming years as well, manifested in the words of an iDrive spokesperson, “It will be the same [99 cents] a year from now. [This is not] a first-year discount or limited-time offer.”

To avail the offer, all you need to do is install the iDrive app from the App Store. You will see the $0.99 deal on the app and you can avail it instantly. Interestingly, iDrive says that the deal encompasses 50GB of ‘backup space’ and 50GB of ‘sync space.’ The best part of the deal is that once you have the cloud storage account, you will be able to use it across all platforms and devices, including Android smartphones, PCs and such.

You can download the iDrive app here. But it must be noted that certain user reviews so far tend to hint at a somewhat poor user experience and clunky interface. If you are able to look past these flaws and concern yourself with the price alone, this is a sweet deal for sure.

Courtesy: CNET

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