Jolicloud Joli OS Gets Open-Sourced

Jolicloud heads to the actual cloud, Joli OS gets open-sourced and announces latest beta version of JoliOS, which will allow for access from your iPhone, Android and other devices. At present the Jolicloud service is in Beta phase only and they will soon be launching an Android and an iOS based application for both smartphones and tablets, though this mobile applications users will be able to access the Jolicloud service anywhere using both Wi-Fi and mobile GPRS. Joli OS has been open sourced and is now available to the community,  if you’re interested in finding out more about the whole ordeal, sign up for the private beta…………………


Jolicloud is getting ready to roll out a new cloud-based service that the company says will offer a new way to interact with all of your online services from one place and that place can be a web browser, smartphone app or tablet app. Jolicloud operating system made for netbooks based on Ubuntu Linux and the cloud part of the name signified two things: the ability to install web apps to your desktop so you could launch them quickly just like native Linux applications and also a social element that let you share your recent activity with your peers. The company rebranded the operating system as Joli OS and added support for all sorts of computers including desktop and larger laptop computers. Now the name Jolicloud describes a web-based service. If you log into your Jolicloud account from any web browser, you can see a list of apps installed to your account and you can launch web apps from the browser, or even organize your desktop apps. If you install VLC, OpenOffice or another app from the website, it will be available to download next time you turn on your computer running Joli OS. The new Jolicloud takes a decidedly social turn. While the company hasn’t laid out all the details, existing users can login to and associate their Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and Instagram accounts with Jolicloud. Support for additional web services such as Dropbox, Google Docs, Instapaper, Tumblr and Evernote is on the way. Judging by the screenshots Jolicloud has released, you’ll be able to find the latest updates from each of your accounts in one place by firing up the Jolicloud apps for iOS or Android. There will also likely be a new web interface for managing all of your cloud information from any computer with a web browser.


It’s not yet clear how the new Jolicloud web service will relate to the Joli OS Linux-based operating system and Joli OS users will clearly be able to use the new Jolicloud just like anyone else, it looks like the company may be leaving its desktop operating system roots behind. The company is accepting signups for participation in the new Jolicloud beta and invites are expected to start going out soon. It sounds like the emphasis will be on the new Jolicloud personal cloud service from here on out and in a blog post announcing the new service, founder Tariq Krim points out that Joli OS is an open source project:

This summer we announced that we were working on a new product and more than 35 000 people registered for the beta without knowing the details. We’ve been amazed and humbled by such a response. Today we want to offer more details about what we have been working on over the last months: the new Jolicloud platform.

With the first Jolicloud platform, we wanted to give anyone access to the cloud. We created a very simple OS and the first Web app store with access to the coolest applications online. 600 000 users and more than 15 million apps installed later, we decided to reinvent Jolicloud to give you the possibility to access your entire personal cloud.

4 months ago, we started building an entire new platform that makes it easy to access from one place, all the things you care about, we call it the personal cloud.

With Jolicloud, you will be able to access your personal cloud from your iPhone, your Android phone, your tablet, your computer and pretty much any connected device with our API. Joli OS, our own operating system used in many schools and public service as a free way to recycle old computers to connect them to the cloud, has been open sourced and is now available to the community. All our existing OS users will benefit from our new platform.

Be the first to try our exciting new product, register for the private beta at, we will start rolling out invites soon!



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