Fake Antivirus Lures Android Users Via In-App Ads, Tricks Them To Pay

Android malware is a fairly common issue and it seems that the nefarious malware developers are improvising creatively to reach out to a greater number of Android users. For instance, a new fake Android antivirus has been discovered which targets lures users with the help of in-app ads, and then charge them to remove non-existent threats.

in-app malware ads

The malware is named ‘Android.Fakealert.4.origin’ and is being advertised with the help of in-app ads. The ads prompt users to scan their device for any viruses and once a user clicks on it, he/she is redirected to a website and is asked to pay a certain amount of money to have the device cleaned.

During the scan, the user is told that the device is overrun with viruses. Such an alert may cause many users to panic and purchase the fake antivirus.

What is rather interesting is that, we have seen similar fake antiviruses in the past. But none of them has been so bold as to advertise across apps and so blatantly lure common users. This is the first of such instances and was recently discovered by Doctor Web, a Russian security firm. Apparently, rather than sending out spam emails, scammers now find it more affordable to simply advertise across mobile apps.

While this is the first discovery of its kind, it can turn into a wide-scale issue if more and more malware authors start relying on in-app ads to lure users.

Source: Dr. Web

Courtesy: TNW

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