iOS 6.1 Users Report Battery Drainage And Overheating Issues

Apple rolled out the latest iOS update, iOS 6.1, at the end of last month. Since then, many users seem to have updated their devices. However, many of them are now reporting that ever since they installed the iOS 6.1 update, their devices have been registering unusual battery drainage and overheating issues.

iOS 6.1

The issues are being reported by both iPhone and iPad users, and were first spotted in Apple’s support forums. The confusing part is that some users report that iOS 6.1 is working perfectly fine on their devices. In fact, some have gone on to claim that the update has even improved the performance of their devices’ battery.

However, a large number of users have reported that the new firmware update has resulted in quick drainage of their device’s battery as well as overheating issues. Most of the users who are reporting these particular issues are using iPhone 5.

Meanwhile, other iPhone devices are not unaffected by the update. Users of iPhone 4S, for instance, have cited that the update is causing problems with 3G connectivity. Even carriers, such as Vodafone, have confirmed this, stating that they have forbidden their iPhone 4S users from installing the new update to avoid any issues with their devices’ 3G connectivity.

So far, Apple hasn’t officially responded to the issues raised by the users. We are eagerly waiting to learn from the company about what possible solutions it may roll out to mitigate the complaints. Chances are that the issues of battery drainage and overheating are directly related to each other and, in turn, are being caused due to some problem with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Source: Apple Support Forums

Courtesy: Pocket-Lint

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