Quip — An Excellent Word Processor Meant For Mobile Devices

Word processors have been around for a long while now. However, they haven’t evolved sufficiently at pace with the recent explosive growth of mobile computing. Quip, a new word processor which has been developed specifically for mobile devices, aims to change this.


Quip has been developed by Facebook’s former CTO, Bret Taylor. Taylor left the social network back in 2012 in order to focus on the idea of a word processor that would be optimized for mobile devices. In a year since, he and Kevin Gibbs, the man credited with the inception of Google Apps Engine, worked tirelessly on the software, naming it Quip.

Now, the word processor is finally ready and available in the form of a freemium new app. It is really a stand-out in that the processor lets you edit, view and tweak word files on your mobile device by making the most of it.

According to Taylor, “Quip is a modern word processor optimized for the era of tablets and phones.” The app comes equipped with a whole range of tools which makes it an ideal word processor for mobile devices. For instance, you can use the feature of in-app collaboration to bring others on board and edit any given word file in real-time.

Moreover, the chat feature lets you communicate directly to other people collaborating on a given document, from within the app. These collaboration tools makes the whole process of collective editing fun and nearly as good as in real life. For now, the app doesn’t offer support for Microsoft Word documents and any files created in it are of the .PDF format.

However, Taylor assures that users can easily copy and paste content from any Microsoft Word file to Quip. The app, in turn, would preserve all formatting options during the process. You can get your hands on the iOS app of Quip here. And an Android app of the software is also on its way.

Source: Quip

Courtesy: Tech Crunch

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