Nokia Software Updater For Mac

Nokia Software Updater for Mac available in beta and it ets you update your N79 under OS X.This release candidate is still in the development phase and the plan is to keep the trial ongoing until further notice, Nokia Software Update starts quickly and connects to a phone in PC Suite mode…………


Nokia just got awful friendly with Microsoft the company is also extending something of an olive branch to the Apple community. The Nokia Software Updater for Mac just went live, more than a year after the Windows Phone 7 version and while it’s still in beta form, it’ll allow you to push the latest revisions of core software and apps to your device.It’s labeled beta right now, but it’s a safe bet that using this isn’t going to brick your device. Some comments left on Nokia’s Beta Labs blog suggest that this application isn’t compatible with devices such as the N95 8GB.Compared to other handset vendors, Nokia is a mixed bag. Sure, they give users patches and what not and some devices like the Nokia N95 get a lot more love than others like the N97, but Apple issues updated versions of their iOS that have a whole host of new features and optimizations to the built in apps you’ve been using since first booting up your iPhone. Then there’s Android and you’re pretty much dependent on either your operator or the company who made your device to get updates. It’s why we always recommend the Nexus line of handsets, not just because you get newer releases of Android, but because they offer a pure Google experience without all the needless customizations handset vendors like to throw on top of what’s already an excellent user interface.


Download Nokia Software Updater For Mac : Here



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