30,000 Terminals Upgraded From Windows XP To Windows 8 By Japanese Bank

Microsoft is shuttering Windows XP in April this year. Once this happens, there will no longer be any security updates for the OS. Anticipating this, a Japanese bank has now upgraded 30,000 of its terminals from Windows XP to Windows 8.

Windows XP deadline

The April deadline has been out in the open for quite some time now. However, it was recently reported that a whopping 95% of the ATM machines all over the world still run Windows XP. With no security updates for the OS arriving now, Windows XP will soon be a huge security fiasco. And to avoid that, banks need to upgrade their ATMs as soon as possible.

Resona Holdings of Japan has now taken this leap. Being the part company of a number of banks, Resona Holdings has some 30,000 client terminals that ran Windows XP until recently. The company has now upgraded all of these terminals to Windows 8, a bit of news Microsoft has fervently shared with the world.

April may mark a huge boast in Windows 8 installations on account of the looming XP deadline. A number of corporations and businesses who still rely on Windows XP will have to inevitably move to the latest Windows OS.

Commenting on Resona Holdings’ decision to upgrade, an executive at the company stated, ‘We decided to migrate straight to Windows 8, and we had no opposition to taking advantage of the latest products to boost efficiency. In addition to the cost savings resulting from standard Windows 8 functions and the great usability, including boot speed, we also managed the whole migration operation with unprecedented speed through using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.’

Source: Microsoft

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