Huawei Starts Working On Windows Phone And Windows 8 Tablet, Rumors Say

Huawei has been trying to expand its influence and reach out to an international audience for quite some time. Though the company has stuck to Android for quite some time, apparently it has plans of entering the realm of Windows 8 devices. This has been divulged by a report in WPDang.

According to the report in WPDang, Huawei has put together a team of engineers. The chief objective of this team is to focus on creating a phone based on Apollo. Another objective of the team is to bring together a tablet which will run Windows 8 and will also have built-in LTE connection.

The report goes on to state that these efforts are not a stand-alone venture by Huawei and that the company is also actively coordinating with Microsoft about it all. Not many details have been furnished by the report as to when these devices may be launched, what are their specs etc. However, what the report does claim is that the screen of the device will larger than four inches.

This doesn’t come as too huge a surprise because Huawei has express its intents in the past of creating Windows Phone devices. Apparently, Huawei has lived up to those ambitions and has now committed itself to roll out the very devices. The report, though not verified, may turn out to be true and it would be interesting to see a non-Nokia vendor bringing out Windows Phone devices.

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