New Windows 8 App Store Screenshots Leaked

Windows 8 screenshots are leaking out continuously. Today CNBeta has managed to publish some new and unique images which shows the App Store of most awaiting Operating System Windows 8, but the legitimacy of the images have have yet to be confirmed. With that in mind, some people have begun laying our reasons why these are clearly fakes.

Some of the reasons they give are…

* Won’t be available for Windows 7
* Can’t use the App Store name, as it is trademarked by Apple
* Microsoft wouldn’t abandon the Marketplace for an App Store

From the images we can clearly see some games, browsers and security tools in App Store. The screenshots shows a number of Microsoft’s own software, including third party software from Opera and Mozilla.

It was reported that the Windows 8 App Store and the leaked images gives a bit confirmation about the rumors. But still it’s too early to say anything about these images, it’s possible that images of Windows 8 App Store may be genuine.

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